We really appreciate your time and the trust shown by you in Udaya Ravi Eye Hospital. We try to maintain your appointment time as far as possible. Please note that the appointment time is your reporting time. you would be seen by a consultant after some preliminary vision checks and procedures. Although you have an allocated time slot, you may have to wait as other appointments can overrun or there might be an emergency referral. Hospital staff will always try to keep you informed about any delays. You should therefore allow plenty of time for your visit, especially if this is your first appointment. Moreover, Saturdays/ Public holidays are likely to be very busy and may involve long waiting hours.

If you are a new patient, please approach the main reception for completing your registration process. If you are an existing patient, kindly inform the reception staff of any changes/ additions in your registration details – change of address, New mobile number/ new email address.

Please make some notes of things you want to discuss or that you should remember to tell your doctor, such as about medicines you use. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about things you find unclear. Our doctors and staff would be happy to explain it to you until you are sure you understand it.

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