Diabetic Eye Care & Others

Fundoscopy, Fundus Photos, OCT - Macula

Diabetes Mllitus can cause permanent blindness if not treated early, We at UREH believe Diabetic eye care not only involves retinal examination but is as a comprehensive care involving physician, endocrinologist, Dietician and ophthalmologist. Annual regular eye check ups form back bone of ey e care fpor all diabetics. A dilated retinal fundoscopy and OCT analysis of Macula of retina if needed will be done. In advanced cases intra vitreal injections or Vitrectomy operationd may be needed.

Retinal Services Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, Fundus Ohotos, retinal specialist consultation
Retinal Surgeries, Intravitreal injections

Eye Problems like Age-Related macular Degenneration, Retninal detachment, Retinitis Pigmentosa, retinal tears holes myopic retnal problems all need specialist care. UREH team of doctors help in making informed dicisions in retinal critical complex diseass.
Pediatric eye care
Young ones need Special attention, utmost care and judgment. Early detection and correction of refractive errors can prevent Lazy eyes or Amblyopia in kids less than 11 years of age. Proper powered glasses will help in normal development of visual apparatus including brain significantly contributing to attainment of full potential in a child. We at UREH believe each child is unique and needs full attention. All children need annual routine check ups for squint, amblyopia and refractive errors.
Contact Lenses - all types
We deal with all types of contact lenses. Mainly soft Contacts includinding Monthly and daily disosable CLs of all leading brands. Contact lens solution also available. We specialize in Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact lenses fitting for special cases like keratoconus. Dr Vidyashankar G Kulkarni has special interest in Contact Lens fitting in Keratoconus cases like Rose-K Ls and Kerasoft CLs. All contact lens related eye issues like infection, allergy dry eyes are treated by our specialist.
Precaution with contact lenses:
There is a small risk of infection when wearing contact lenses and the risk becomes much greater if the contact lenses are not kept clean, so it is important to strictly follow the hygiene instructions given when the contact lenses are fitted.
We exclusively deal with fine , sturdy , branded eye wears including Essilor , Strazzi, XFORD etc.
Customer satisfaction is our motto.
We fit all types of lenses - Single vision glassess/lenses, bifocals- Kryptok/d-bifocal, Executive bifocals, Progressive Lenses - Prime leneses and Essilor’s brand series like LIBERTY, Comfort, Physio progressives and S series also.

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Insurance, TPAs attachment
As a registerd hospital under Karnataka Private medical establishment act with all necessary approvals including pollution control board, biomedical waste management, Our hospital is reccognised for reimbursement of all insurance claims for eye operations and procedures according to policy terms and conditions.

we have applied for tie up with all he private / government insurance agencies and TPAs. For cashless facility.