Glaucoma care

IOP check ups, Visual field analysis, Optic disc Analysis, Gonioscopy, YAG PI

Being a silent killer glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness world wide.It is usually not associated withany symptoms. So It needs to be detected In early stages and treated to prevent further loss of vision.

To this end we have advanced visual field charting machine from IRC company,Korea for evaluating the visual field defects of glaucoma & progression of Glaucoma . OCT analysis of retinal Nerve fiber layer including Ganglion cell layer assessment is the most advance form of glaucoma analysis available at UREH through Topcon OCT Maestro machine.

It also provides us corneal Pachymetry details for accurate measurement of Intra-ocular Pressure (IOP). Dr Rashmi C heads our Glaucoma care Services who has developed a rationale approach to Gaucoma with a clinical experience of over a decade.