Refractive Surgery

Udaya Ravi Eye Hospital provides a "full-range of Refractive vision correction procedures”, both Laser Vision Corrective (LVC) procedures and lens based vision corrective procedures - Phakic IOLs

Our Medical Director Dr vidyashankar G Kulkarni is a renowned refractive / LASIK Surgeon with a rich experience of more than 15 years, that is since the advent of modern refractive surgical procedures. He has gone through all the phases of evolution of all types of vision correction procedures starting from, now abandoned, Radial Keratotomy to the latest FEMTOSECOND assisted Laser Vision Correction Procedures.

Safety of the patient being our top most priority, we give utmost importance to preop evaluation of each person wanting to undergo LASIK or other refractive procedures. Actually because of our strict screening we do have more number of people counseled not to undergo Laser Correction (high rejection rate!) in the patient’s interest in all doubtful cases. However with lens based refractive procedures like Phakic IOLs even those not suitable for Laser correction can now get rid off glasses.

Pre-op evaluation
Udaya Ravi Eye Hospital is equipped with corneal topogaphy machine by CSO company and corneal thickness mapping with Anterior Segment OCT by Topcon company. Theses are needed for accurate preop analysis of corneal shape and thickness which are very essential to rule out corneal shape abnormalities. refractive surgeryis advisable only in normal shaped corneas, so preop scanning is very important.

Dr vidyashankar G Kulkarni renowned Cornea &Refractive surgery Specialist has been doing LASIK & other procedures for more than 15 years . Pre op evaluation also includes detailed discussion with our Specialist regarding Pros & cons of the refractive procedures. Depending on glasses power & scanning reports doctorwill suggest appropriate procedure for the person seeking laser vision correction.
All laser refractive procedure are day care procedures hence they do not require overnight admission. We depend on world class facility for Laser vision correction . Allegretto Wavelight Laser machine EX400 and FS 200 from Alcon Inc, are known to be most accurate, fastest, and safe tools for refractive correction. We offer Blade-free, ALL LASER FEMTO-LASIK with ALLEGRETTO WAVELIGHT’s FS 200 Femtosecond laser platform where without any blade flap is raised by all laser technique. It is found to be more safer and being done more commonly all around the world.

The advised refractive procedure usually involves 3- 4 hours stay at hospital on the day of operation and recovery period is around 3- 4days after which one can resume their daily routine activities like driving, computer work and reading, kitchen work etc.

Udaya Ravi Eye Hospital provides a "full-range of Refractive vision correction procedures”
Excimer Laser Procedures
  • LASIK – Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis
  • PRK – Photorefractive Keratectomy
  • LASEK – Laser Assisted Sub-epithelial Keratomileusis
  • Wavefront-Guided LASIK
  • Topo-Guided LASIK
  • Femto-LASIK - Bladefree All Laser LASIKc
Lens Implant Procedures
  • Clear Lens Extraction – Refractive Lens Exchange
  • Phakic Intraocular Lens (IOL) - ICL & IPCL
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